Friday, August 17, 2012

Oh The Fun....

Oh The Fun....

Well a little bit less than a month and a lot has happened since my last post! 
I thought I would share some of my fun in pictures!
 Obviously that is the only fun way to do things!

The fun all started with house and dog sitting. The is Pheobe. I tweeted all of these pictures so you may have already seen them but for the most part, the rest of the pictures are new!! If you didn't see the cutie, here she is in all her glory!!

My Best Friend has a cousin. Obviously. Her cousin is getting married in like November. YAY. Her cousin Jenna invited me to her very fun and adorable little Bridal Shower. I snapped a million pictures but tried to put all of the ones I found cutest in this little photo box for you! Her theme was coffee, since they met/had their first date in Starbucks. SO CUTE. So everything was like a coffee shoppe which of course made me happy. 
Then I went to a wonderfully fun and very sweet engagement party! I am so jazzed for what God is doing in the adorable couples life and the love they have for one another. Congrats you two!!

My best friend and I went on a fun date had Starbucks, Nordies Dessert, and bought really adorable clothes. 
Lovely day indeed.  

Ohh. My Family Reunion People. 
It was way too much fun! We started off with breakfast at Denny's, 8+ hours of driving and yes, literally 114 degree heat. 

Family Reunion Take 2! 
Even in the heat we all still looked rather attractive, crazy as per usual but most definitely attractive. 
This might have been the longest day ever. Ending with Olive Garden and Hot pink Hard Hats. Don't ask. 

Road trip #2 for the summer! One of which i did NOT have to drive. Once. It was a beautiful sight. We had the PERFECT Pandora radio going in which was literally named "Road Trippin" and Starbucks in hand to deal with the 6 hours of driving! Idaho was going to be a blast. 

I then continued to spend a week in a tent and on a camp ground with about 250 High School Students. Yeah, I wondered what I was thinking at first as well. Yet God did something really cool in the hot, sweaty, sticky situation in which we call Summer Camp Surrender 2012. 

With all those crazy High School Students we attempted to conquer Silverwood Theme Park and did a pretty good job! 
In the picture to the top left are two of the most ridiculous and most genuinely lovely girls I have come to know in a while. 
Both having this insane love for Jesus and teaching me new things continuously....
 This day was full of sun and fun. Mainly, a lot of sun. Yeah. I got burnt pretty bad, BUT now it is most definitely a tan!

I am the least spur of the moment person you will ever find. Seriously I am a planning machine. Although, sometimes I attempt to break out of my shell, and this time it worked. I took a spur of the moment trip over the pass about 2 hours away to bumping lake and stayed with my best friend and her family over night. Praise the lord I did because I seriously needed that drive time to think, pray and just worship the Lord. That drive was crazy long but crazy beautiful! I was SO blessed to go!! And yes, I snacked a lot and snuggled with that little man as well.....

That was basically the rest of July and August up until now. It has been busy as per usual but.....
 FULL to the BRIM with blessings. 
I will definitely be sharing what the LORD has been doing and hopefully you will come back and read up soon!! For now, Bon Voyage for I am leaving on a Jet Plane tomorrow to Cali and who knows when I will be back again!! ;) Happy reading and remember to count your blessings even if you are busy!