Monday, December 31, 2012

The Late Christmas Post

Hello Dear Friends. Long time no talk. 
I would like to pretend that I have had all the free time in the world, yet definitely not true. 
It has been a whirl-wind of a season, let me tell you!! 
I know I am a little late BUT Merry Christmas, hope yours was absolutely wonderful and filled with joy. 
I wanted to share some of our fun decor and our Seattle trip!!
 Normally I do them in separate posts but this time I decided to put all the Christmas fun in one post!! Prepare yourself for pictures galore, as per usual right??

First off, Christmas Decor in the Foster Household//

My Disneyland Slipper Ornament

You could say I really love blue and green!!

I like sparkly things, including trees.

Again, I like sparkly things, hello boxes.

I also may love owls, a lot.

If only you knew how many trees we have....

Hello sparkles!

Sking snowmen are always fun!

You could say my mom loves those Santas!

Clothes pins and garland!! Perfect for cards!

Vintage owls are pretty much the best!

My homemade Christmas Banner!! FUN!

Father Christmas is pretty great.

So pretty and simple.

Even the kitchen got decked out!

Now Seattle. Even though I feel like I have told this story a million and one times but I will do a quick recap for those new readers!! Every year since well, as long as I can remember. My mother, father and I would go down town to Seattle, shop around, grab a bite to eat, and take this fun carriage ride. Here are some of the fun memories from that night! We do it in memory of him every year and definitely find it something special. Hope you lve the memories as much as I did. Seattle Trip//

Favorite things ever. Christmas Lights Galore. 

 How perfectly fun and wonderful are these candies? Hello fun!

I wanted to buy this SO bad!!

 Well friends, hope you absolutely loved all my memories just as much as I loved making them. As said before, I know this was late, but never late then never....right? Until next time friends.