Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer List Fun...

Well people if you remember my last post The Summer List I made a list of things I wanted to do over summer and guess what?! Two have already been half-way checked off! 
I went to visit my sweet adorable cousins the other week and we went to the lake! I didn't take pictures but I did take pictures that day, that counts right? 
At the lake my cousins and I swam like no ones business.
 We also happened to make the cutest picnic lunch EVER.

Slurpee Day! Nothing Better. Mango Yummy. 

Coffee, My Cousins, Cake Pops and Tanning. All of the things I love. 

Fire and S'mores. Yes please. 

After that fun family time, I had to go back to work while having a Mariners Game to look forward to. Yes people, a MARINERS Game. Here are some snaps from the day!

Crazy Traffic, like over 45 minutes. Praise the lord for Protein Bars!


Well friends. I did it! In a week I half-way finished two things off my list! They were to go to two Mariners Games and go to the lake AT LEAST Twice!! People! I did it once. I know this seems pathetic I am so excited, but common. Me fully accomplishing things just makes me happy. Obviously. I could scream it to the world.

Hoping that this week I can mark off another? I know for sure I am painting my toes a fun pink! Yes, i will have fun pictures because well painting my toes is fun!!

Happy Friday people because it is basically here!! Hopefully you enjoy it! Since I will be making coffee literally all day! Oh the joy of being a barista!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Summer List.

July. It is July. Then. August. Seriously People. August?!

Time literally feels like it is flying. Fourth of July happened, and I just didn't have it in me to post about that one. Although it was a smashing good time.

See, now with me basically living my life at Starbucks and or being on the run as per usual. I decided I didn't want my summer just to "happen" and not find specific things  to enjoy. 
I don't want this blog just to be a "Big Life Events" blog. 
I want it to be a "little things" blog. 
Therefore, I decided to make a list. Yes, a Summer List.

This summer, I WILL do the following//
As my readers feel free to comment other ideas, or maybe even keep me accountable? Sometimes I need it.

//Go Swimming at Grandmas House At LEAST Twice. 
//Paint my toe nails a FUN color every week. Check One. Check Two. Check Three. Check Four. Check Five.  
//Roast WAY too many marshmallows and eat messy S'mores. 
//Go to the lake, a literal Lake at LEAST twice. Check One. 
//Walk around my cute little home town and take tons of pictures.
//Go to the little Farmers Market ONCE. 
//Go to Seattle for the day. 
//See at least 2 Mariners Games. Check One.
//Go vintage antique shopping. 
//Go to at least one weekend worth of Garage Sales. 
//Attempt to tan. A lot. 
//Go on a "Hike". 
//Take a mini Road Trip somewhere lasting AT LEAST a day. 

Seems like a long list, but yet many are simple and rather easy.
Can I concur this summer and make it one to NOT forget?
We shall see.....

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Graduations. Here. There. Everywhere.

Graduations. Here. There. Everywhere.
 I wish I had taken my fancy camera with me to them all!
I wish I would have snapped the memories to keep forever.
Sadly I did not. I did take Mobile Uploads! Those are really fun, but my phone is not exactly in working order to upload those pictures.

So instead I thought I would do a really special post dedicated to three REALLY important people in my life. 

First off is my friends Dylan and Jess.
They Graduated and threw a SMASHING Party.
Graduation Party Number 1

My sweet mother. 

The table decorations...

A closer view of decorations....

Of course, sketches. 

Casts, Casts, and more Casts!

So Dylan. Literally Everywhere. 

So vintage, so lovely. 

Bible and Sheet Music.

Sunflowers are quite lovely. 

Pintrest lived out. 

Aww. Jessica. I loved your pretty table. 

Table full of stuff. 

Absolutely adorable. 

Photobooth Props. I say yes!

Seriously? SO COOL!

America Cupcake Decorations. 

Dessert bar. YUM!

Look at that detail!!

He might be the coolest. Ever. SO proud!

SO cute! They used the lovely smash books!

Stealing this idea for like my wedding or something.....

Then later that week my cousin happened to have hers, how lovely right?
This party was smashing as well and was at a BEAUTIFUL place.
She is so wonderfully smart and of course beautiful so I thought i would dedicate some pictures I took!!

Beautiful Lake

So calming

A mini island to yourself, no big. 

SO pretty. 

Great for roasting some marshmallows, or warming yourself up!

AGAIN, SO pretty. 

Look at that view....

She's pretty much the cutest thing...

Mommy Dearest!

PARTY TIME. Over 75 People showed up!

Friends, Food, and a nice lake, what else could you ask for?


He loves his big boy, that's for sure. 

Brody thinking about the water....

Then deciding it was WAY too cold. 

My absolutely BEAutiful cousin. 

What a sight. 

Congrats to ALL 2012 Grads!!

Serious fun to be had....

And then there is them....

The "Man Row" is what we decided to call it....

After all the Grad Parties, I can definitely wait another year for them all to start happening again!!
Although I am very proud of all the people who did graduate and everything so many of them accomplished. 
I hope some of these fun pictures made you smile, inspired you or warmed your heart.
This blog is for me and my memories, I know this post did all of that and more.

Happy reading and well folks, Happy JULY!!