Monday, October 31, 2011

Holiday: Halloween

Before I officially start this post I would just like to say, right now I am listening to Christmas music. It is definitely a beautiful thing!

Alright, now back to today’s holiday, Halloween. I honestly don’t know much about the history of it, or even the true logistics but I do know about my own memories. Every Halloween was a big deal around here. Not for my mother, not for me…..but for yes, my father. He seriously loved Halloween more than I can even fathom. It’s like me with Christmas. So as I am sure you can imagine, my memories are pretty hefty with Traditions. Every year our Traditions were as follows:

-          We both go to the Pumpkin Patch every year!

-          At the Pumpkin Patch we would pick out our pumpkins, do the corn maze without cheating, eat a carmld apple and pet all the animals. Every once and a while he would be a dork and decide to just do funny stuff.

-          We would bring all of our great pumpkin finds back to the house and gut them out. Full on, spending what felt like forever and do very detailed faces.

-          We would full on decorate the house. Top to Bottom. No matter what he didn’t care if anyone else saw it, he loved it and that’s all that really counts.

The last five years have been a little weird around Halloween. My mom just absolutely does not like Halloween with a fiery burning passion. Therefore, she just doesn’t celebrate it at all. We do volunteer on Halloween, but we do not celebrate it. Even though we don’t celebrate it, I think it’s really fun to decorate for it. So that’s my job. Decorations are the coolest, but mine aren’t scary or creepy!! Praise Jesus!! Mine are usually sparkly and have SOMETHING to do with Harvest Time instead of the creepy side of Halloween.

Anyways, whatever your traditions are, what ever you may be doing tonight have fun. Please do remember that Gods light is much bigger and better than the Enemies. I encourage you tonight and even tomorrow to be praying for those whom souls are not the same and are giving into the enemy. Pray we can be a light of Jesus to those who need it. Hope you have tons of fun, eat WAY too much candy, and get exhausted…..CAUSE ITS WORTH IT!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gods Mercies.

To be as honest as possible, this past week has really sucked. More than you even can know. Everyday there seemed to be something that went wrong, something big that just made me really be a debbie downer. Normally, i am a positive polly, but not this last week.

Every morning i woke up saying "God, please allow today to be different. I hated yesterday" It was the truth, i wasnt lying to God. I did want things to be different, i did hate it when it when my day wasnt awesome. Although i wasnt going about my days right. Every day i was being Me, and not relying upon God to fill me up. BIG MISTAKE.

Finally, after being a stubburn, sassy sally all week i decided to figure out what was really happening. I, when having the day off on Friday spent some time in Prayer. Really great time. I just sat in my car, cried a little and talked to God. I told him i was tired, i didnt understnd why all this stuff was happening, especially all at once, and that i just wanted to breathe. During this time, God really lifted up my head and loved on me. Sometimes i forget how amazing he really is and how amazing his mercies are. This was such a great reminder of his heart for us. . . .

While i just felt him in my presence it came to me.
Matthew 11:28-30   28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

In case you were un- aware this is my life verse. I desperately need it everyday all the time. I believe everyone does. So maybe you should put this on your mirror too. Anyways, so this verse came to me i got out my bible read it and poundered, then realized something. I had not read my bible. The whole week, Monday-Friday i had not even picked it up. This is a big deal, at least to me. I usually dont do that, but boy when i do i can tell. Then it all started to add up. Why i was crying, why i was tired, why i felt so empty and why my whole week sucked. I cried a little more and sent God some praises he taught that to me again, and that he forgave me for being such a selfish sinner. Reading our word is important. Reading, is just like eating. Without eating we would die. Therefore, without feeding ourselfs Gods Word, we will die, especially emotionally.

To be honest again, im not perfect. I dont spend an exact amount of time everyday in my word, i dont write notes everytime, but when i do read his word, i get such a fire in my heart i just seem to not be able to stop. Praise God his mercies are new every morning. Praise God he understands and forgives us our sins anyways. I need him and his mercies more than ever. Praise God, The Lord Of All. For he is good, every day. (Especially when he helps me realize why im a wreck.)

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Life of a Nanny

Sorry its been so long since i've posted, i wanted to kind of vamp up my blog so maybe ill get some more followers and readers. Although now, no matter how many readers/followers i get im still going to keep blogging my little heart out. This time i thought i would share with you the heart and life of being a nanny. Being a nanny, you would think would be easy, or i thought so. Well my dear friends i was MORE than wrong, i think its one of the hardest jobs around.

Everyday its a little different. Its definitely not the same as sitting at a desk, filing paperwork or making calls to customers like my old summer job, it is much more giving and needy. Daily we have a routine, and try to stick by it well. Although we do have the occasional occurances of spilling milk all over, falling into the wall and bonking a head, playing in the bowl of ceral, which includes putting it all over their head and more. Its a never ending trial of my patience and love for these sweet two little crazies i get to hangout with.

Through these sweet days of watching curious george, playing cards, and of course taking naps it has made me really think about my future. My future as a wife and momma of course. Now talking about my wanting to be a wife and a yearning heart to be a proverbs 31 woman, thats a completely different blog posting (which BTW will definitely be coming soon). Excepty this time i wanna talk about the yearning heart to be a momma.

I do understand, especially after being a Nanny that kids are very draining, hard work, and exausting. Although, i have also come to understand that kids are more than a blessing and that with them it only makes our life more joyous, yes all you "now" mommas, even through the screaming. During the two little crazies nap time, sometimes i watch them sleep. Seeing how small, timy and wonderful they are makes my heart melt daily. Being able to care for someone who is unable to do it themselfs gives a whole new meaning to loving others.

Being a nanny means, playing weird wacky crazy games from 7:50am all till 8:30am when breakfast is served. Getting the kiddos through that, then comes more crazy games till 10:00am. Then its usually changing time and with two boys, thats never simple. Of course then off to MORE crazy games till 12:30am, which is great but lunch it greater. See, then after lunch comes nap time. (MY TOTAL FAVORITE) In which then they wonder out of dreamland about 2:45pm and their momma comes home about 3pm. The day is done and complete filled with many of my favorite things. The life of a nanny is fun, great and sometimes hard work but in the end, its more of a blessing then a job. Now more than ever, my heart yearns to be a momma, but ill be patient, and wait upon the LORD Jesus all in his PERFECT timimg.