Monday, October 31, 2011

Holiday: Halloween

Before I officially start this post I would just like to say, right now I am listening to Christmas music. It is definitely a beautiful thing!

Alright, now back to today’s holiday, Halloween. I honestly don’t know much about the history of it, or even the true logistics but I do know about my own memories. Every Halloween was a big deal around here. Not for my mother, not for me…..but for yes, my father. He seriously loved Halloween more than I can even fathom. It’s like me with Christmas. So as I am sure you can imagine, my memories are pretty hefty with Traditions. Every year our Traditions were as follows:

-          We both go to the Pumpkin Patch every year!

-          At the Pumpkin Patch we would pick out our pumpkins, do the corn maze without cheating, eat a carmld apple and pet all the animals. Every once and a while he would be a dork and decide to just do funny stuff.

-          We would bring all of our great pumpkin finds back to the house and gut them out. Full on, spending what felt like forever and do very detailed faces.

-          We would full on decorate the house. Top to Bottom. No matter what he didn’t care if anyone else saw it, he loved it and that’s all that really counts.

The last five years have been a little weird around Halloween. My mom just absolutely does not like Halloween with a fiery burning passion. Therefore, she just doesn’t celebrate it at all. We do volunteer on Halloween, but we do not celebrate it. Even though we don’t celebrate it, I think it’s really fun to decorate for it. So that’s my job. Decorations are the coolest, but mine aren’t scary or creepy!! Praise Jesus!! Mine are usually sparkly and have SOMETHING to do with Harvest Time instead of the creepy side of Halloween.

Anyways, whatever your traditions are, what ever you may be doing tonight have fun. Please do remember that Gods light is much bigger and better than the Enemies. I encourage you tonight and even tomorrow to be praying for those whom souls are not the same and are giving into the enemy. Pray we can be a light of Jesus to those who need it. Hope you have tons of fun, eat WAY too much candy, and get exhausted…..CAUSE ITS WORTH IT!!!!

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