Friday, October 14, 2011

The Life of a Nanny

Sorry its been so long since i've posted, i wanted to kind of vamp up my blog so maybe ill get some more followers and readers. Although now, no matter how many readers/followers i get im still going to keep blogging my little heart out. This time i thought i would share with you the heart and life of being a nanny. Being a nanny, you would think would be easy, or i thought so. Well my dear friends i was MORE than wrong, i think its one of the hardest jobs around.

Everyday its a little different. Its definitely not the same as sitting at a desk, filing paperwork or making calls to customers like my old summer job, it is much more giving and needy. Daily we have a routine, and try to stick by it well. Although we do have the occasional occurances of spilling milk all over, falling into the wall and bonking a head, playing in the bowl of ceral, which includes putting it all over their head and more. Its a never ending trial of my patience and love for these sweet two little crazies i get to hangout with.

Through these sweet days of watching curious george, playing cards, and of course taking naps it has made me really think about my future. My future as a wife and momma of course. Now talking about my wanting to be a wife and a yearning heart to be a proverbs 31 woman, thats a completely different blog posting (which BTW will definitely be coming soon). Excepty this time i wanna talk about the yearning heart to be a momma.

I do understand, especially after being a Nanny that kids are very draining, hard work, and exausting. Although, i have also come to understand that kids are more than a blessing and that with them it only makes our life more joyous, yes all you "now" mommas, even through the screaming. During the two little crazies nap time, sometimes i watch them sleep. Seeing how small, timy and wonderful they are makes my heart melt daily. Being able to care for someone who is unable to do it themselfs gives a whole new meaning to loving others.

Being a nanny means, playing weird wacky crazy games from 7:50am all till 8:30am when breakfast is served. Getting the kiddos through that, then comes more crazy games till 10:00am. Then its usually changing time and with two boys, thats never simple. Of course then off to MORE crazy games till 12:30am, which is great but lunch it greater. See, then after lunch comes nap time. (MY TOTAL FAVORITE) In which then they wonder out of dreamland about 2:45pm and their momma comes home about 3pm. The day is done and complete filled with many of my favorite things. The life of a nanny is fun, great and sometimes hard work but in the end, its more of a blessing then a job. Now more than ever, my heart yearns to be a momma, but ill be patient, and wait upon the LORD Jesus all in his PERFECT timimg.

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