Friday, July 29, 2011

Work Place.

I thought i would write a little about my workplace.
I am absolutely, positvely beyond blessed in my crazy workplace.

I work at a boxing company and i am their receptionist (as i mentioned before). Its a really great job it really is im totally not just saying that. although the onmly thing is i leave here in September and i am really not too excited about that.

Lets start from the begining,
It all starts when i went for my interview sick, snot running out my nose like a faucet , me wearing my tennis shoes in which have a lage hole where my big toe pokes out, my holy jeans, my senior sweatshirt, and my hair an absolute nut case. So to say the least my getting this job based off my attire, not very likely. Although, through thr love and grace of God it happened. She called me not even 2 hours later after interviewing 4 others and asked me if i wanted the position. Saying i was the best from the day and they loved me!!

Obviosuly i took the position making a whopping $12 bucks an hour. So far it has been nothing but amazing, as i said in my last post (DEVO TIME) God has really been working on my heart. So in tht case i would share some of the things i really loved about it here, then all probably write a big sappy post at the end of the month talking about how much ill miss everyone.

So here it goes:- I love: My little cubical.

- I love: My personal email.
- I love: The view from my little cubical.

- I love: The guy upsatirs named Steve who brings me coffee.
- I love: The Taylor Swift Radio i get to play 24/7 here.
- I love: My daily hours.
- I love: That they have Starbucks Coffee and Hot Cocolate on stock ALL THE TIME.
- I love: That all my fav photo wbsites are saved on here and i look at them every friday.
- I love: When i have a crazy morning, makes it go alot faster.
- I love: Sorting all the mail.
- I love: Looking at wedding Dresses with a wonderful, beautiful coworker who is getting married.
- I love: Our normal UPS guy, Larry.
- I love: All our pretty postits here.
- I love: Gettign lots of free stuff on a monthly basis.
- I love: Seei Ernie. (Sweet old man that visits)
- I love: Sitting in my car and reading.
- I love: Getting calls from my mom at work.
- I love: How they dont care about what i do, as long as i am here.
- I love: The bathroom decor.
- I love: The pretty flowers that are planted out and about!

Thats only the begining. My workplace is a wonderful place to be even though its very busy its also a VERY blessed place...

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