Friday, July 22, 2011

Gifts Of The Heart.


Today, during my DEVO TIME God really put my heart at peace with something i had been wrestling with since mid June...
If youve been in the loop, you might know i had recieved a Summer Job as a receptionsit. Which, well is pretty much my favorite thing of all time, Administration. In fact, funny story it's my first spiritual gift. So long story short, i started as a receptionist and for some odd reason started hating it. Hated it alot. Everyday i would get up wishing i didn't have to go. Wishing i could call in sick. Then, when i had reached there, my attitude only seemed to get worse.

Everyday it seemed like a constant battle between, God and Me.Of course i was always the one starting it, and God always seemed to win. Yet, i never gave up i satyed sour about it as long as possible, i allowed Satan to get a foot hold on my heart and i allowed him to run crazy with it. So finally one day on my break, i took a walk in the rain attempting to keep myself dry with my little umbrella and had a very serious conversation with God. Like always, it was a good one and at that moment he proved to me why he had me there, and how i was to find joy in every aspect.

Right then and there, in the down pour of Seattle. It Hit Me.

God had wanted me to be at the place i was, so i could learn and grow upon my spiritual gifts. Especially the first gift of administration. God gives us these gifts for a reason. He allows us to do things we love to see joy in our lifes, and i was blinded. Blinded from that and blinded from the joy of christ.

Now i go into to work every day, usually smile, say hello to everyone and i try my hardest to have true joy. Joy from the lord. Everytime i sit in that desk, i answer that phone, i count those papers i am growing my strengh in administration. With growing i am blessing others, there fore the joy should be ENORMOUS!!

Remember: Everyday you spend, doing the gifts of YOUR heart that GOD has blessed you with...means you are growing more and more.

My Goal, With My Busy life: Trying to find ways to use the gits of my heart in small, out my comfurt zone ways!!



1 Corinthians 12:4-12

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