Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The funk. The mist.

Hello Fellow Friends.

It's April, can you believe it? I know, it's weird to think about how fast March went by. I literally dont remember much of it. All I remember is working and school. There was fun St. Patricks day parties and things that made me smile but none that come before the memories of school or work, lame, right?

Anyways, I write all that to say this. I'm in a funk. Not so much a "I'm depressed funk" or "My life is horrible funk" just a....funk? Is that weird that I cant describe it? Yeah well, try being in it! I think the funk all started when I heard something i've heard a million times. Are you ready?

"Your life is a vapor, a mist. Literally that fast and short."

Silly right? Silly that I would be in such a funk from that one sentence. Yet its SO true. My life literally is a mist or a vapor. Im here for one minute and gone the next. In the grand scheme of things my life is a tiny grain of sand on the beach.

--> James 4:14
"Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes."
Even the bible, holy truth that is God breathed tells us what our life is. The Message, even though im not a fan of it, says we are like fog. New English Translation says we are a puff of smoke.
I looked up the average time vapor, smoke, fog and or mist lasts and depending on which one we are specifically talking about they last literally an average of 10 seconds. Im NOT kidding. The put me in an even deeper funk. Thinking more and more about my life and what I am doing/want to do with it. With "10 seconds"? 
This years goals from back in January are still the same...
To strive toward the gospel constantly-
In everything I do, everything I say my goal is to have a heart that is striving towards what God has done for me. I refuse to be stagnant and I never want to feel like I have been lazy.
"Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. Then, whether I come and see you or only hear about you in my absence, I will know that you stand firm in the one Spirit, striving together as one for the faith of the gospel."
Philippians 1:26-28
To fear God constantly-
Everyday I want to wake up fearing the Lord. I of course need to be in equal thought that the Lord is loving and truly cares for me. I firmly believe that we as a generation do not fear God in such a way to where we realize his power. God is such a mighty, huge creator we need to remember that he has made the plans for us and knows all of the everything.
"For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; he is to be feared above all gods."
1 Chronicles 16:24-26

To give constantly-
This coming year I want to give in more ways than previously. Not only in the financial sense, but in deed for the gospel, in giving thanks for more things and giving God everything, not just metaphorically.
"Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, givingthanks to God the Father through him."
Colossians 3:16-18

Spring is normally the time "New Years Resolutions" start fading, well I dont want that for me. I want my @013 goals to keep happening. Especially if my life is a vapor, mist, fog or a puff of smoke. I am reminded today how precious my time to share the gospel is with those around me and I am Thankful for this funk. In this funk I am spending time praying and seeking.
What are you doing with...
Your Life?
Your Mist?
Your Vapor?
Your Fog?
YOUR Puff of Smoke?
Praying you are chinging the world for the Gospel, you are keeping Christ as the foundation of your everyday and to love those around you for his glory.
Until next time,


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