Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love Day from a Single's Perspective...

Love Day is The BOMB.

As I am sure you all know by now, yes I am single.
Woo Hoo is what I say!

Even though I am desperately in love with love and I just get all pathetic//lovie dovie and gushy over this fast coming and going holiday, I can't help it!!

All the cute colors, sweet cards, lovely flower boquets, dinner reservations, pretty dresses, silly stuffed toys and of course wonderful gloriopus candy.

So, for all you "taken" friends out there I thought I would show you a Day in the Life of a Single One on Love Day!

So Here We Go:

Of course I HAD to have Starbucks, Happy Valentines Day to me!!

Hung out with some really awkward but super dorbs middle school kiddos!

Ate some precious pretty treats!!

Had a mini date with ice cream and the best friend for our Valentines Day gift exchange!

Of course I got Chocolates, Singing Taylor Swift Card and a Starbucks Cup with my favorite color inside!!

Then, after a long day of seeing sweet Facebook Posts, cute couples at Starbucks play Scrabble like I SO Baddly wanted to, and working on Homework...I got to come home to this. My next Valentine Date who got me the Glee DVD I have been drooling over, a chick flick movie, extra chocolate and of course the way to my heart, STARBUCKS.

So I spent my night being a giddy little school girl, eating my Chocolate and reading the bible remembering the most important thing on Love Day.....

"For GOD so LOVED the world, he gave his one and only son...."
John 3:16

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beautiful College.

Well friends,
Today is Tuesday and tomorrow is Wednesday.

With online College classes it is a little different then regular "sit in" college. Therefore, my week starts on Thursday and ends on Wednesday. I actually hate this set up. When I say hate I mean, real real hate. It seriously throws my WHOLE week off. I'm so used to the week starting on a Monday and ending on a Sunday.

Although I am slowly learning what it means to be flexible with the plan the LORD has!! I live such a planned busy crazy life that many times I don't necessarily agree with the LORD. At least not right away. Sometimes I find I can become very bitter in not knowing why God does some of the things he does, why he give me so much on one plate, why he isn't giving me a job when I need one so badly and why I can't seem to get everything done at once.THEN I remember, oh yeah...because he can, because he is still good, because he still provides, because his timing is perfect and most of all because he won't give me more then I can handle. He is the God of grace, love and truth. So not matter how annoyed I get with college, no matter how much I want to quit, no matter how crazy my life is Beautiful and Blessed.

I am so blessed with College it is not even funny! God has abundantly provided for my schooling to move towards my dream. I am so thankful for the blessing on a daily basis.This is such a beautiful blessing I can never get over it. Besidesof course leaning on Jesus, do you all know how I get through my Tuesdays?

Praise JESUS For Starbucks.
Cold First.

Hot Second. Mmmm.

Happy Tuesday EVERYONE!!
Remember, YOU are abundently BLESSED by our LORD.

You May Be Busy, BUT Your BLESSED.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The month of "love"

Hello fellow friends!
Can you believe it? February already? To be honest, I have NO idea where the heck January went. It came and went so fast it basically made my head spin. Such craziness. Although the nice thing is in February things start to get back to normal, kind of.
This month is the month of....

Thats right, the month of love AND candy. I almost feel like this is worst then Easter, at least for adults. Sometimes I eat way too much, other years I never eat any candy. Although, candy is not what this post is about!! Valentines Day will be it's own post for sure, although thats not for a few weeks-ish!! Praise Jesus I have more time to think about my crazy schedual and who i want to be my Valentine (Probably my mother).

Love, putting someone else's needs and wants before your own. That is what love really is. The only 100% real, genuine, never ending, never get tired love out there happens to be from our sweet kind wonderful lovely LORD Jesus Christ. He is literally everything and he is the reason we feel love. Without the LORD Jesus Christ we would not know the true meaning of love and what it really means. What the sweet lord did for us on that cross was real, true love. He put OUR needs and wants before his own. He paid the price for our sins in which we should pay the penalty of death for. THAT my fellow friends is the best love i have ever, and will ever recieve.

No matter how many pretty gifts i recieve, no matter how many love cards i happily read, no matter how many times i fall in love with Disney movies over and over again, no matter how many time i walk into Tiffany &Co. and melt, no matter how long i snuggle with my dog, no matter what.....LORD Jesus Christ's love is the only love that is continuously passionate, grace filled, forgiving and true forever and ever amen. Even though this month may be more about fancy things, cards, the color pink, dimands, and chocolates we must remember that love is something that started and ends everyday with our sweet lovely charming gracious LORD Jesus Christ. Without him LOVING me and really LOVING me im not so sure where i would be.....
Praise his name forever and ever, let our songs reach the heavens.
Let us make a joyful noise onto him, for he is GOD.

If you have time over the next week or two, take a stroll down love street and jot down some tangible ways the LORD Jesus Christ has loved you!! That's my next blog post, plus a possible recepie, it may or may not be something pink, or lemonie. Havn't decided yet, just saying. Be READY!!
God Bless and have an amaing week filled with LOVE from our LORD Jesus Christ!!