Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love Day from a Single's Perspective...

Love Day is The BOMB.

As I am sure you all know by now, yes I am single.
Woo Hoo is what I say!

Even though I am desperately in love with love and I just get all pathetic//lovie dovie and gushy over this fast coming and going holiday, I can't help it!!

All the cute colors, sweet cards, lovely flower boquets, dinner reservations, pretty dresses, silly stuffed toys and of course wonderful gloriopus candy.

So, for all you "taken" friends out there I thought I would show you a Day in the Life of a Single One on Love Day!

So Here We Go:

Of course I HAD to have Starbucks, Happy Valentines Day to me!!

Hung out with some really awkward but super dorbs middle school kiddos!

Ate some precious pretty treats!!

Had a mini date with ice cream and the best friend for our Valentines Day gift exchange!

Of course I got Chocolates, Singing Taylor Swift Card and a Starbucks Cup with my favorite color inside!!

Then, after a long day of seeing sweet Facebook Posts, cute couples at Starbucks play Scrabble like I SO Baddly wanted to, and working on Homework...I got to come home to this. My next Valentine Date who got me the Glee DVD I have been drooling over, a chick flick movie, extra chocolate and of course the way to my heart, STARBUCKS.

So I spent my night being a giddy little school girl, eating my Chocolate and reading the bible remembering the most important thing on Love Day.....

"For GOD so LOVED the world, he gave his one and only son...."
John 3:16

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