Saturday, October 27, 2012

Things I am LOVING right now. Fall Edition.

People, it is fall.
Not like, "'s Fall." More like, "Wow, goodbye Summer, Fall is HERE."

So, because Fall is my favorite season. Ever. 
I thought I would do a Blog on the things I am loving right now.
Specifically as a Fall Edition. 

Here we go my readers, things I am LOVING right now...

Iced Pumpkin Spice from Starbucks. 
For my Starbucks Junkies, let me tell you a cheaper way to get what you love.....
Order a Grande Americano with 1 pump White Mocha, 2 pumps Pumpkin Spice and lite room.
Pour half and half or non-fat up to the top and stir. Whip cream optional and it is usually at LEAST a dollar cheaper and it tastes VERY similar. Plus, you get an extra shot!

Iced Whole Milk Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.  My fave.
Picture: Via. Pintrest.

Infinity Scarfs.
Who doesn't love a good infinity scarf?
Especially when its is thick, warm and adorable?
Fall fashion; scarfs
Picture: Via. Pintrest.

Hunter Boots.
I absolutely adore my hunter boots and am hopefully getting more this year! These things, you can never have enough of!
Hunter boots
Picture: Via. Pintrest.

Pictures of Leaves.
I feel like I can take 800 Million pictures of them.
They don't last long so I am loving them as much as I can.
Picture: Via. Pintrest.

Starbucks Reusable Cup.
You can use this cup for up to 30 times. It feels like the real deal, you still get a discount and you're helping the earth! Win!
Starbucks tumbler
Picture: Via. Pintrest.

 Big Baggy Sweaters.

Come on, don't you love to feel cozy without looking like a slob? Well now you can look super hip and still feel cozy. Again, win!!
love big sweaters!
Picture: Via. Pintrest.

Taylor Swift Red Album.
Who doesn't love Taylor Swift? As I drive through all the beautiful colors this CD just so happens to be on repeat, no big deal. Just one of my favorite things right now....
Taylor Swift- Red- October 22
Picture: Via. Pintrest. 

Fall Decorating.
Remember, I am a poor college kid, so the cheaper the better right? HELLO. I love cheap crafts that look awesome. Like this, warm and cozy, just like fall. 

harvest nuts fall decorations
Picture: Via. Pintrest. 

Matthew 11:28-30.
All of these things I love, just as much as I love sparkly things. Although, this is timeless and brings me the TRUE joy I need to make it through. Especially when times get crazy. As my schedule gets crazier...this I cling to. 
Matthew 11:28-30
Picture: Via. Pintrest. 

Until tomorrow, the next day, next weekend or maybe just next time. I hope you think about the things you love, before they leave. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Checking off my Summer List.

Now that summer has been over and Fall is here.Like REALLY here. 
I thought I would go back over my Summer List full of Fun. 
I did everything I wanted to do except two things. 
The two things I didn't do...well, I will just do those later. 
So here you go! This was my summer in a fun crossed off list sort of way!

//Go Swimming at Grandmas House At LEAST Twice. Check One. Check Two.

//Paint my toe nails a FUN color every week. Check One. Check Two. Check Three. Check Four. Check Five. Check Six. Check Seven. Check Eight. Check Nine. Check Ten. 

//Roast WAY too many marshmallows and eat messy S'mores. Check.

//Go to the lake, a literal Lake at LEAST twice. Check One. Check Two.

//Walk around my cute little home town and take tons of pictures. Not a ton, but some. Check. 

//Go to the little Farmers Market ONCE. Check. 

//Go to Seattle for the day.

//See at least 2 Mariners Games. Check One. Technically Two.

//Go vintage antique shopping. Check. 

//Go to at least one weekend worth of Garage Sales.

//Attempt to tan. A lot. Check. Check. Check. Check. 

//Go on a "Hike". Check. 

//Take a mini Road Trip somewhere lasting AT LEAST a day. Check. 

This was supposed to be a quick and fun post! Surprise! You didn't have to look at 2 million pictures or read way too much stuff. Tune in later this week for a post of things I am LOVING right now. Have a great week and remember, even if 
your life is busy, you are blessed. No matter what. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

California Memories.

Hello Friends! Long time no posts! I know!! It has been a little crazy.
Since my last post a lot has happened but I will tell you about our Cali Trip in August!! I'm only a little late, right?!?

 So I am sure you cannot wait to hear about it all California and Disney Land. Yes people. Disneyland!! So much fun it was insane!! God abundantly blessed my mother, my best friend and myself while in California. Starbucks everyday, lots of yummy food and an amazing time. I will tell you about my trip in PICTURES!

Prepare for picture overload....

Every single morning, sometimes even twice a day. They even knew our order. Yeah. 

This was just so pretty I couldn't handle it. Isn't it BEAutiful 

First Day of Disney! So much fun I just could hardly handle it. Such a glorious wonderful day. 

Memories are made. 

You should have seen the nest picture....

My knight in Shinning Honor. 

It was really hot. to say the least. 


I didn't want to bore you all so those were the main events and my favorite pictures. Then day two has a few say the least.

That is definitely my mother. 

We found DUMBO!!! We were all a little jazzed to say the least. 

 Ohh Dumbo. So absolutely wonderful. 

Little kid style excited to wonder the park!!

Praise the LORD for Disney Photographers!

MMM. The sweet, Sweet Castle. 

The entrance to California Adventure! Really?! AWESOME. 

To say the least, she was a little excited! 

NEVER EVER go see this. Scared us to DEATH!!


Photo Bombed by my Best Friend. Really?!

YO Flo, this is your cafe!

BEST Milkshakes EVER!! YUMM-O.

Peaceful Water by the Pier...**sigh**

So cool looking! How could I NOT Snap a Pic?!

This is what I rode with Katie.....

This is what she looked like afterwards.....ending our time in Disney RIGHT!!

Day at the Beach starts out SUNNY!

Grossest thing...ever. 

Adorable little market where I fell in love with it all....

HEY! My car!! How presh. 

It may have been sunny in the morning, yet it is now overcast. SAD!!

Check out that hair....

The wind was SO big I moved and made the picture blurry and Katie made "the" face. 

Oh mother everyone! 

Best friends stay together, even in the freezing wind. 

Hey There!!

California BABY!!

This was the last time I took a picture with my Nikon. Great Memories. Great Trip. 

For more memories, feel free to check out my Instagram! User Name: tiffanyannefost
All you have to do is scroll!!

I know this is pathetic, a post TWO months after the trip, but people if only you knew the whirlwind of MY life. I will explain it all next time. Boy, will you love it.
Until Next Time,