Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Quiet Times are Good.

Hello. Hello. Hello. 
My dear friends, it has been a month. This blog has been quiet and it has been wonderful. 
Honestly, I feel like the first month into the new year with my 2013 goals I should have posted more. 

A lot more. 

Sometimes I say silly things like, "no one reads it so its fine." Sometimes things like "well I have other important priorities and this needs to just be forgotten." Although my dear friends, during this time of quiet I have come to some amazing conclusions. 

This blog is not for you. 
This blog is not about you. 
This blog isn't even technically about me. 
This blog is to glorify the LORD and the amazing things he has blessed me with. 
I want this blog to glorify the LORD all the time not matter what, whether it has a recipe, pictures from my weekend or a very deep thoughts. It always needs to come back to the gospel. Such as in my own life. 

  During my quiet times I have really had an amazing time, I turned 20 and have had many adventures in that month. God has been absolutely amazing and has directed me in so many new ways, it still shocks me telling you about it. 

    Currently I am learning about my identity. Learning and being refined in the idea that my identity is now how i serve, where I serve but WHO I serve. Yes, that's right I after about 7 years of being a christian I am still struggling with this. It comes and goes, but has always been deeply rooted and for the 335497465th time it has come up I am finally dealing with it. Actually filing through why I immerse myself in serving and why I have made that my identity. 

     This blog will be getting a beautiful update soon. Probably in like 2 or 3 months. It just needs a new face lift and am ready for a solid change. Just as the LORD is refining and changing me as a woman of God I am changing this blog. I want to look back and see those fun memories or yummy recipes but ultimately see the LORD as the center. I consider this my journal for the public. A look into my life, therefore I will start sharing a little more about my life with you. Jesus shared his life with people he knew and pointed all glory to the father.  

     As I leave you all with this little tid bit of information here is a reminder for the rest of your busy, fun, amazing, chaotic, exhausting, lovely, wonderful week......