Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Childhood Loves

Since I was a little girl I have loved many things. 
I decided to put together a little picture list and show you....

Of course I love all things sparkly. Especially shoes...

My parents let me have teddy bears. I swear I had 200.  

I was an animal lover. So, I had a bunny named Thumper.

I was a champ!! My favorite!! I do sweat a lot!!

CHRISTMAS.I LOVED IT. Dresses and sparkles. Yippee!

Fun Easter Egg Dying! I especially loved the sparkly ones! 

Princess Castle. Did I think I would live here? Yes. 

Barbie! I was definitely one of could be?!

Ocean Shores. SO many weekends here. Its so cozy. 

Disneyland Square. Again, always felt at home. LOVE.

Yes. I loved Kittens as well. Almost too much. 

Our family had many pets. Toby is this one. Sweetheart. 

Seen this for 17 years, I just keep falling more in love. 

BOOKS. ALL I did was read I swear. I have boxes and boxes....

Fun Fact. I LOVED Ice Skating. Took Lessons. Now not so much.

Those who don't know, this is the Puyallup Fair. Gone every year.

My bike was my BFF. Pink, Sparkly and Fun!

Loved all my birthdays! Cakes, presents & family everywhere! Yes!

Valentines. Day. Love. Is. Love. Right?!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

17 Days Worth

Well, I can’t believe it. 17 whole days have just flown by! My last post was Tasty Treat Sunday (which I am trying to do for you all at least 2 times a month). A lot has happened! As per usual right?! That’s just my life. SUPRISE. SUPRISE.

March 12th//
Spent the wee hours of the morning talking over life, my cat and had many laughs with these lovely lady’s….



Continued by having a lazy day at home including lots of laundry, homework and ending with the Bachelor. Which yes, ended up basically being the worst ending ever. I don’t even like talking about it anymore.

March 13th//
I happen to live in the woods for those of you who don’t know and I woke up and felt like I was living in a massive beautiful wonderful snow globe. Now only if it was December I would have actually been happy.

This day was interesting because it was Tuesday and this was a day where I got to spend some time with God and really thinking about my future. The funny thing is we make all these glamorous plans and ideas then God just continues to laugh. This snowy day I was reminded his plans are much better then my own. I just need to submit for he is always there.

March 14th//
This is just a plan old day full of homework, programming and more homework. I do this really fun thing called a Bible Study with pretty much the greatest.

 I did think about my past and have yet another reflective day and had to remind myself that my past wasn’t fun or easy but the blessings keep flowing from those days and Gods Glory is still good. Happy Wednesday to me!!

March 15th//
Instead of snow I got to wake up to a good old fashioned Washington day! I used to hate the rain but then I found the GLORIOUS rain boot. Not just any old rain boot but my Hunters. They are super comfy, charming AND fun! I decided to embrace the rain. Rainy day means happy day!

Then went home to my lovely cat and had a really fun time petting him, watching our favorite show, AND praying. Yes, I have a very special kitty. He loves to pray. Pretty great if you ask me….

March 16th//
Friday is sometimes a fun day too! This day consisted of fun errand running and shopping at pier1! My FAVORITE store. Oh my goodness I could seriously buy everything.

Then I watched the New Footloose. My mother was amazing and bought the DVD. We loved the first one and loved the second just as much. It was amazing and glorious!

March 17th//
Interesting. Saturday morning and I stumble into the kitchen at 7AM to grab some coffee. What do I see you ask?! SNOW. Yes folks you read that correctly, MORE SNOW. It was coming down like a crazy blizzard I could hardly see in front of me!

This of course threw off my whole day so I sipped coffee watched a really cute show. Wish I could remember the name. Cooked and ate breakfast. Got ready for the day. Reversed the order of basically my whole days worth of plans. Ended up doing all 7 things on my list of errands. Still making it to church on time to worship with the cute children. PRAISE JESUS.

March 18th//
Sunday. Woke up. Starbucks. Homework. Meetings. Church. Done.

March 19th//
Was reminded on the wonderful Monday Morning that I was being pursued by Jesus. I was not pursing him, at least not as much as I should have been. He has been pursuing me since the world began the least I can do is pursue him back. Right?! Then Finals week began. Oh man…

March 20th//
Hello first official day of spring! This is what 7:30AM looked like folks. Hope you all will like Spring…

Of course I spent more hours upon hours studying when all I really wanted to do was meet with students and have fun days. Although I was reminded again (apparently I have had a very reflective couple weeks), that the LORD is the one who controls me. Not the world, not those fake magazines, not a boy, not even me. BUT the good lord Jesus does.

Then continued my day of crazy with working in a daycare till 4:30. Had a meeting till 5. Then hung out and loved on tons of middle schoolers! BOO YA! Then went home and did what?! MORE studying.

March 21st//

Spent this day with Starbucks, lovely office ladies and my friends being too giddy about no school that, I couldn’t even answer a phone. Literally.

March 22nd//
Let’s be real. This is Thursday. The high of no school has worn off. Now all I want to do is see the Hunger Games at 12 midnight. Although, can i?! NO. OF COURSE NOT. I was a procrastinator and waited WAY too long. So I spent the whole day at the office doing work for Admin Stuff. Then went to a REALLY long and painful meeting till about 9:30PM. Made it home at about 10:20PM. GROSS.

Now wait, there is a small piece of hope. I called the theature JUST to see if they might have any extra tickets. YES. YES. YES. YES. They did people! Can you believe it?! They had 50 left over at the 12:15 showing. Yeahh buddy! SO OF COURSE at like11:15 I call Stephanie (Look above for picture) and said hey lets go right now! She hopped out of the shower and rushed to see it with me. A night I will NEVER forget. God is good!

March 23rd//
Literally prayed I would not wake up and let this be my view…

Then went out to a lovely dinner with my basically fam not blood or anything but hey, close enough. We went to that fun place where they cooked in front of you! SO YUMMY! We wanted to get all excited since Brother Nick was back home!

March 24th//
This day I didn’t take any pictures. Weird, right?! Well I know but I was very interested in new clothes! I got three new pairs of jeans, 1 new shirt and two new pairs of jeans. SO fun! It was a date with the mother because then we went to Red Robin, YUM. Of course I went to church and was a buzzing busy little bee.

March 25th//
Sunday. Woke up. Read the paper. Watched my dog be really cute. Went to Starbucks. Had meetings. Took really cute pictures. THAT will be later. Church. Went to Applebees till like 12:10AM. FUN!

March 26th through 28th//
Woke up later then planned went to the bank! Cashed two checks! SO Bad at that! Anyways, did  few errands and was on y way to Covington. I love it there people. More then I love my journal. And that is a lot of love. I get to see lovely family! They are all lovely! See?

Now we are here. I am leaving Covington and going home. The past 17 Days has been full of faith, fun, friends and family. My life is CRAZY busy but CRAZY Blessed! Take the time today and remember why you are blessed, because well…you are.

PS. See you in about 2 days!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tasty Treat Sunday.

Hello Fellow Friends~

Today is Sunday! Sunday is considered my "Fun Day". Why you ask? Obviously because I get to have to most fun around with Middle School Kids/High School Kids for the Glory of JESUS.

Although, before the "Fun Day" begins, I thought I would share another Recipe for treats!! Why not right?! Maybe your fun day can be with Baking!! I always feel like such a women when I bake, especially on Sunday. 

Anyways, here we go
....Drum Roll Please.....

Cherry Funfetti Cupcakes with Butter Cream Frosting. 
Now you may be thinking that you know how to do these already and that they may not be that great. 
BUT, you have not lived until you have made these and eaten them. 
So, yes you are very welcome.


Here is the box of cake powder I chose! THE BEST. 

Then I am a Diet Coke Addict. I may even need help. So I obviously chose Diet Cherry Coke. YUM. 

The amazing yummy after product. I seriously wanted to eat them ALL. Especially with Butter Cream Frosting. 

Yes, you need to make these right now.....

Poor cupcakes, their lives were short. Far too short. 

Happy Sunday Everyone. Bake your little hearts out, and remember.
 Do extra workouts this week, your butts will need it!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

All kinds of busy+a treat...

Hello Lovely Readers! 
This week has been all kinds of busy! What else is new, right?
So many fun things have happened I just wish I could tell you about them all.....

Baked three different types of items thanks to my FAVORITE website. 

Of course only two turned out, but so worth the fun!

Saw rain, hail, snow and oddly enough sun all in one day.

Cleaned out my car! SO AWESOME, Of course now it's crazy again but it definitely was clean.

Bought a new season of One Tree Hill and Friends. Guess I know where my but will be every night.

Started a new memory book and really planning to stick to it. 

Saved super bank at Target and got a screaming deal with my crazy coupons. 

Oh my fellow friends, that is only the tip of the ice-burg! SO many other fun things happened, but for now those memories will have to stay with me! For now I thought I would share a delightful recipe since it's been a while. This time it's not meatloaf, but a tasty treat that everybody WILL be dying for.

This time I was smart and took some pictures so here is how the process looks!

Obviously, you can get what ever cake mix suites your fancy, my personal favorite is "The Red Box" and not Betty Crocker, but Some People Swear By Her. So pick out your brand. 

Then we obviously mix ALL the ingredients together. Note, With this recipe DO NOT go off the instructions from the cake mix STRICTLY use the cake powder mix only with the other ingredients mentioned. 
Should end up looking something like this, maybe the color is different but all three batched looked like this. 
Then you do the tedious work of making them all into balls around the same size, and I was very proud. Shape wise they turned out FAB. 
TA DA!!! ALL DONE. They are a beautiful wonderful lovely amazing masterpiece, that really does taste glorious. Have fun and try not to do too much harm on your waistline!!! 

See you all soon with more fun stuff to share!!