Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Childhood Loves

Since I was a little girl I have loved many things. 
I decided to put together a little picture list and show you....

Of course I love all things sparkly. Especially shoes...

My parents let me have teddy bears. I swear I had 200.  

I was an animal lover. So, I had a bunny named Thumper.

I was a champ!! My favorite!! I do sweat a lot!!

CHRISTMAS.I LOVED IT. Dresses and sparkles. Yippee!

Fun Easter Egg Dying! I especially loved the sparkly ones! 

Princess Castle. Did I think I would live here? Yes. 

Barbie! I was definitely one of could be?!

Ocean Shores. SO many weekends here. Its so cozy. 

Disneyland Square. Again, always felt at home. LOVE.

Yes. I loved Kittens as well. Almost too much. 

Our family had many pets. Toby is this one. Sweetheart. 

Seen this for 17 years, I just keep falling more in love. 

BOOKS. ALL I did was read I swear. I have boxes and boxes....

Fun Fact. I LOVED Ice Skating. Took Lessons. Now not so much.

Those who don't know, this is the Puyallup Fair. Gone every year.

My bike was my BFF. Pink, Sparkly and Fun!

Loved all my birthdays! Cakes, presents & family everywhere! Yes!

Valentines. Day. Love. Is. Love. Right?!

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