Friday, March 9, 2012

All kinds of busy+a treat...

Hello Lovely Readers! 
This week has been all kinds of busy! What else is new, right?
So many fun things have happened I just wish I could tell you about them all.....

Baked three different types of items thanks to my FAVORITE website. 

Of course only two turned out, but so worth the fun!

Saw rain, hail, snow and oddly enough sun all in one day.

Cleaned out my car! SO AWESOME, Of course now it's crazy again but it definitely was clean.

Bought a new season of One Tree Hill and Friends. Guess I know where my but will be every night.

Started a new memory book and really planning to stick to it. 

Saved super bank at Target and got a screaming deal with my crazy coupons. 

Oh my fellow friends, that is only the tip of the ice-burg! SO many other fun things happened, but for now those memories will have to stay with me! For now I thought I would share a delightful recipe since it's been a while. This time it's not meatloaf, but a tasty treat that everybody WILL be dying for.

This time I was smart and took some pictures so here is how the process looks!

Obviously, you can get what ever cake mix suites your fancy, my personal favorite is "The Red Box" and not Betty Crocker, but Some People Swear By Her. So pick out your brand. 

Then we obviously mix ALL the ingredients together. Note, With this recipe DO NOT go off the instructions from the cake mix STRICTLY use the cake powder mix only with the other ingredients mentioned. 
Should end up looking something like this, maybe the color is different but all three batched looked like this. 
Then you do the tedious work of making them all into balls around the same size, and I was very proud. Shape wise they turned out FAB. 
TA DA!!! ALL DONE. They are a beautiful wonderful lovely amazing masterpiece, that really does taste glorious. Have fun and try not to do too much harm on your waistline!!! 

See you all soon with more fun stuff to share!!


  1. tiffany these look DELICIOUS! i think i have a similar recipe, i made whoopie pies with lemon cake mix! it was delicious! i'll have to try these, they sure are cute :)

  2. They were seriously SUCH a hit! Everybody loved them! I did orange ones a well!!