Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pray without ceasing.

Going through a season is hard, but it's worth it......right?
Currently dear friends I am going through a season. 
Not just a "season" but a truly life changing season. 

If I could tell you all I would, for now I am asking you bathe me in prayer. 

Please be praying for me, and my heart in this time of change. 
Daily I am reminded of this simple truth.....

If God is good when we are happy, if God is good when we are comfortable why isn't he good when we're not?  In times of trouble, unsure hearts, when we are restless is when we need to lean on the Lord. Not just lean on the Lord but truly rest at his feet and say "Lord I need you, YOU are my rock and without you I am NOTHING." Dear friends, in times of chaos, like where I am now, it is time to pray without ceasing. 

"All good leaders PRAY first and PLAN second." 

I am in a part of my walk where leaning on the Lord is ESSENTIAL.
Our God is good in times of struggle, joy and all the in between. 

My dear friends I hope this reminds you of the Lords love for us and how much we need him on a daily basis. How much we need to pray to him and lean on his understanding.