Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Already Friday? Seriously. 

Well this is my Monday-Friday in pictures//

Monday//Snapped this lovely picture after being all crafty and making our home more homey looking//

Tuesday//Spent the wee hours of the evening sipping yummy Jamba Juice and laughing with a group of lovely girls who truly love the lord.//  

 Tuesday Continued//Then after our Jamba Juice Festivities we went and saw one of my favorite movies of 2012. Hunger Games. This might have been my third time of seeing it.//

Wednesday//Painted may nails. The polish I chose was China Glaze. But oh well, basically the same thing, right? LOVE it. Yes, this is the one picture I didn't actually take.//

 Thursday// Read a lot. Then when out shopping my sweet mother bought me three books. All Hardback. Absolutely lovely. I snapped this picture all of the classics, how can you not love them, right?//

Thursday Continued// Of course I am a sucker for all and any cards bust seriously...there are SO many cute ones out now it it's so not even funny. I snapped this these at WalMart. One day I am just going to start buying them and stocking up for every occasion. Especially after because then they are on super sale!//

Friday//Goodness Gracious. Look at this sun! Snapped this one while driving around! So stinking pretty. AND a whopping 60 degrees. It felt like summer, sort of.//

Friday Continued//I happened to be putting off my homework, surprise surprise...and decided to make this fun book! Vintage picture and all! I love it!//

How was your week? I am hoping it was as lovely and fun filled as mine! Happy weekend to all and to all a great Friday!

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