Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blessed with FUN Weekend.

Hello Readers!
Tuesday is Today! Today People!

Today and EVERYDAY is a blessed fun day! 
God is SO good and wonderful, even though life can be had, I have felt the LORD changing my heart and mind for the better! I am blessed through it ALL. Especially the hard times. 

Here is a recap of my crazy busy but CRAZY BLESSED weekend:

YUMMY Artichoke Flat-bread. Seriously could eat this everyday. 

Our girls night out continues with more CARBS  and laughs!

Miss Kathryn had to have Strawberry Lemonade and be all Fancy....

While I had to be the "boring" one and have some water. Fluids everywhere. 

The ladies in the pizza place. Being cute ALL the time. 

Sunday is my Fun-day. Why? Well this is why. Middle School/High School Ministry Nights. SO lovely. 

Preparing our little hearts out for this event. Might loose my mind. 

I got to wake up to this little fella after a night of cuddles. 

Even though the weekend is over, the busy doesn't stop and the blessings just keep on coming!Happy week to everyone! Enjoy week ahead, for God has some glorious plans for it!

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