Saturday, June 2, 2012

Finding the Words to Say...

Well dedicated readers and friends. Can you all believe it, it has been  moth since I last posted! Insane right?

I feel SO horrible that I seriously took that long, even though you all have lives I still like to try and bring you encouragement and such!! It has just been a little busy....

For an example, we went on this super fun trip!! Girls weekend to Little Creek Casino right outside of Olympia. It was THE BEST. One whole weekend of just nothing. A lot of homework, laughs and coffee. Two of my favorite things! Here are some pictures to tell you a little more... 

Yes, We seriously had the time of our lives. That was only a weekend folks. What was a honestly doing the other 27 days within that month I was not here. I cannot even tell you. Twitter and Facebook can, in fact even my Instagram. 
Me? Not a chance. I can tell you a lot of school. SO much school i could just bury my head in a pillow and never ever come out. I know NONE of you really want to hear about that I right? 
Instead I will share some photos from a Tea in which I do know I spent a week on!! So many people worked so hard to make this all kinds of wonderful and my home Church Calvary did a wonderful job presenting the Gospel to a group of women in need. God did some wonderful things as always and the holy spirit moved. Here are some fun pictures to prove it....

There are so many more pictures I could have shown all of you, but this was just a glimpse. This women's tea was extremely fun!! I would not have wanted anything else. 

In a month a lot has happened, so finding the words to say is a little difficult.
What have I done?
Had for my first time ever a Mocha Coconut BANANA Starbucks Frappichino!
I also, speaking of  Starbucks...GOT A JOB. That is right people I got a job at Starbucks. Soon I will be on the floor as a Barista serving up some of my favorite coffee!!
As I said,  a lot of thing have happened in a month!
I feel like I could talk forever, but I won't.
I will leave my blog saying this,
School is over in less than two weeks so expect this blog to explode. 

Thank you to all the dedicated! The readers of my blog mean so much to me to me!!

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  1. Thanks for the peek into your sweet life, sweet girl!
    I almost stopped at Starbuck's in Sumner around noon today to see you or see if you were in. But I made the assumption that if you are still in training you might not be working a busy Saturday morning. It's the thought that counts sometimes, right?!? Love ya!