Monday, October 15, 2012

California Memories.

Hello Friends! Long time no posts! I know!! It has been a little crazy.
Since my last post a lot has happened but I will tell you about our Cali Trip in August!! I'm only a little late, right?!?

 So I am sure you cannot wait to hear about it all California and Disney Land. Yes people. Disneyland!! So much fun it was insane!! God abundantly blessed my mother, my best friend and myself while in California. Starbucks everyday, lots of yummy food and an amazing time. I will tell you about my trip in PICTURES!

Prepare for picture overload....

Every single morning, sometimes even twice a day. They even knew our order. Yeah. 

This was just so pretty I couldn't handle it. Isn't it BEAutiful 

First Day of Disney! So much fun I just could hardly handle it. Such a glorious wonderful day. 

Memories are made. 

You should have seen the nest picture....

My knight in Shinning Honor. 

It was really hot. to say the least. 


I didn't want to bore you all so those were the main events and my favorite pictures. Then day two has a few say the least.

That is definitely my mother. 

We found DUMBO!!! We were all a little jazzed to say the least. 

 Ohh Dumbo. So absolutely wonderful. 

Little kid style excited to wonder the park!!

Praise the LORD for Disney Photographers!

MMM. The sweet, Sweet Castle. 

The entrance to California Adventure! Really?! AWESOME. 

To say the least, she was a little excited! 

NEVER EVER go see this. Scared us to DEATH!!


Photo Bombed by my Best Friend. Really?!

YO Flo, this is your cafe!

BEST Milkshakes EVER!! YUMM-O.

Peaceful Water by the Pier...**sigh**

So cool looking! How could I NOT Snap a Pic?!

This is what I rode with Katie.....

This is what she looked like afterwards.....ending our time in Disney RIGHT!!

Day at the Beach starts out SUNNY!

Grossest thing...ever. 

Adorable little market where I fell in love with it all....

HEY! My car!! How presh. 

It may have been sunny in the morning, yet it is now overcast. SAD!!

Check out that hair....

The wind was SO big I moved and made the picture blurry and Katie made "the" face. 

Oh mother everyone! 

Best friends stay together, even in the freezing wind. 

Hey There!!

California BABY!!

This was the last time I took a picture with my Nikon. Great Memories. Great Trip. 

For more memories, feel free to check out my Instagram! User Name: tiffanyannefost
All you have to do is scroll!!

I know this is pathetic, a post TWO months after the trip, but people if only you knew the whirlwind of MY life. I will explain it all next time. Boy, will you love it.
Until Next Time, 

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