Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Checking off my Summer List.

Now that summer has been over and Fall is here.Like REALLY here. 
I thought I would go back over my Summer List full of Fun. 
I did everything I wanted to do except two things. 
The two things I didn't do...well, I will just do those later. 
So here you go! This was my summer in a fun crossed off list sort of way!

//Go Swimming at Grandmas House At LEAST Twice. Check One. Check Two.

//Paint my toe nails a FUN color every week. Check One. Check Two. Check Three. Check Four. Check Five. Check Six. Check Seven. Check Eight. Check Nine. Check Ten. 

//Roast WAY too many marshmallows and eat messy S'mores. Check.

//Go to the lake, a literal Lake at LEAST twice. Check One. Check Two.

//Walk around my cute little home town and take tons of pictures. Not a ton, but some. Check. 

//Go to the little Farmers Market ONCE. Check. 

//Go to Seattle for the day.

//See at least 2 Mariners Games. Check One. Technically Two.

//Go vintage antique shopping. Check. 

//Go to at least one weekend worth of Garage Sales.

//Attempt to tan. A lot. Check. Check. Check. Check. 

//Go on a "Hike". Check. 

//Take a mini Road Trip somewhere lasting AT LEAST a day. Check. 

This was supposed to be a quick and fun post! Surprise! You didn't have to look at 2 million pictures or read way too much stuff. Tune in later this week for a post of things I am LOVING right now. Have a great week and remember, even if 
your life is busy, you are blessed. No matter what. 

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