Friday, April 12, 2013

Thrifting is Winning.

I went thrifting on April 6th and thought I would share some of my finds! There were definitely some winning ones. Try not to drool and enjoy!

 I love these cameras, one actually still has film in it. I cannot wait to see whats on it. 
 Even though this doesn't fit the cameras I got, its so rad I couldn't not get it.
 Hello vintage glass milk glasses. 
I can not get enough of these. 
 Stunningly Simple. 
She is by far my favorite designer. 
 I am in LOVE. I want them all....
 I mean, look at the beautiful craftsmanship.
 I might a screamed a little, common. Who wouldn't??
 Scarfs, Scarfs, Scarfs. 
Um. Yes, please and thank you. 

I hope this happy Friday post leaves you with a joyful feeling. Praying for safety for all of my readers! Have a safe and fun weekend!! Remember to lean upon the LORD and to remember the little things. 

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