Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankfulness in the middle of craziness.

Wow. The last time I posted was HALLOWEEN. Craziness. I have been running like a chicken with my head cut off. I have dreamt about posting on my blog, even attempted to start but something (usually school or sleep) gets in the way. So ill give you the low down on what been happening since Halloween, if I can even remember!

-Of course I’ve started listening to Christmas music.

-Have bought more harvest decorations at Target.

-Also bought more Christmas Decorations at Target.

-Started Grocery Shopping at Target.

-Ordered all 50+ Christmas cards at Target.

-Apparently, spent a lot of time at Target….

-Started Couponing. Felt AWESOME, its actually fun!

-Spending lots of free time on Pintrest. So amazing.

-Being Super crafty and making a Christmas Banner.

-Uploading more pictures to Facebook, ATTEMPTING to put all the Hawaii ones up.

-Attempting to exercise at least three days a week, it’s usually been four WOO HOO.

-Making our “Thankful Trees”.

-Taking lots of tests, doing lots of homework and reading endless material.

-Made cake pops for the first time EVER by me.

-Started making candy….Oh gosh.

-Printed off like a million recipes I may never actually make, but I still like to dream.

-Went and stood in the literal first blizzard of winter for the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn. Best Movie Yet, Just Saying.

So obviously there were many awesome opportunities I could have posted. I am actually almost mad I didn’t. Although, I suppose looking back it’s almost a good thing…..I think. I think because I didn’t post it allowed me more time to really enjoy the things I did instead of fretting to take pictures, or think of good things to say. Doing all the things I listed above really allowed me to spend quality time with people I love, learn, have fun and of course grow.

Now of course we all know Thanksgiving just happened. Crazy Right? How is that even possible??! Time flies when we are having fun! God has been SO good to me and my wonderful family. I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving went well. I know we had a feast like no other and we got to spend the best quality time with family. No matter how many times we do it and no matter how long we spend with them it is seriously never enough. Again, we are blessed. During Thanksgiving I prayed for all those families who didn’t have anyone or any food. I hope they were Thankful as well. No matter WHAT we always have something to be Thankful for. Trust you me, I have SO MUCH. I basically live like royalty compared to other people.

I really hope your Thanksgiving was all you wanted and hoped it would be. Don’t worry my fellow readers, all 3 of you! ;) I will be posting again soon. The last couple weeks has just been more
then crazy.

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