Thursday, December 1, 2011

Refuge and Protection

Psalm 25:20
"Guard my life and rescue me, let me not be put to shame for I take refuge in you."

Holy Cow. 
I take refuge in Jesus?
Yeah, i definitely DON'T think i do enough.

During my wonderful time with God today i was reading a little bit in Psalms, it always helps calm my nerves a little something extra...
Since classes end a week from today i thought this would be the perfect time to dive in.

The word Refuge means:
A Shelter, or Protection from Danger or Distress

Just sitting in the quietness of my home in my comfy favorite "mom" sweater and sipping on my Starbucks it hit me. Just how little those around me and myself really love and treat Jesus as "Shelter".

Crazy right? To Shelter means to COVER.
Looking back in time, Jesus covered us in his blood and paid the price for us, now and forever.
He has sheltered and protected us from the danger and distress of dying for our sins.

Sometimes our world is crazy, sometimes its UN fair, and sometimes our world hurts in ways we cant always describe. For some, it's a college paper they have to write by midnight. For others, it's their son or daughter dying at a young age. We never will know what God has planned for us next, so we need to prepare our hearts, spirits and attitudes.
In the crazy times to come, the good and bad, the happy or sad, it doesn't matter. Jesus is waiting for us, to run into his arms needing his protection, for that is what he yearns for. Our heart and time.

Lets time some time out of our daily lives and take refuge in the protection from Jesus Christ.

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