Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Summer List.

July. It is July. Then. August. Seriously People. August?!

Time literally feels like it is flying. Fourth of July happened, and I just didn't have it in me to post about that one. Although it was a smashing good time.

See, now with me basically living my life at Starbucks and or being on the run as per usual. I decided I didn't want my summer just to "happen" and not find specific things  to enjoy. 
I don't want this blog just to be a "Big Life Events" blog. 
I want it to be a "little things" blog. 
Therefore, I decided to make a list. Yes, a Summer List.

This summer, I WILL do the following//
As my readers feel free to comment other ideas, or maybe even keep me accountable? Sometimes I need it.

//Go Swimming at Grandmas House At LEAST Twice. 
//Paint my toe nails a FUN color every week. Check One. Check Two. Check Three. Check Four. Check Five.  
//Roast WAY too many marshmallows and eat messy S'mores. 
//Go to the lake, a literal Lake at LEAST twice. Check One. 
//Walk around my cute little home town and take tons of pictures.
//Go to the little Farmers Market ONCE. 
//Go to Seattle for the day. 
//See at least 2 Mariners Games. Check One.
//Go vintage antique shopping. 
//Go to at least one weekend worth of Garage Sales. 
//Attempt to tan. A lot. 
//Go on a "Hike". 
//Take a mini Road Trip somewhere lasting AT LEAST a day. 

Seems like a long list, but yet many are simple and rather easy.
Can I concur this summer and make it one to NOT forget?
We shall see.....

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