Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A little over three months ago....

       I was flipping through some pictures a realized I never shared some memories. This fin little day may have been a little over three months ago, but it feels like just yesterday. Where in the WORLD September went, I have no idea. Back in September the nights didn't get dark until at least six or seven. The sunsets were absolutely amazing. I was just starting my last fall QTR at Pierce College ever. I was working at Starbucks and living the good life. It is amazing to me how in three months we can so easily forget the days that were so fun and exciting.

          It is also amazing to me that in three months things can changes as drastically as they did for me. I may be no where near where I was a little over three months ago, and right now may not be as fun. In these times of chaos, change, and growing are the times I lean on the lord and are reminded of his blessings. A little over three months ago I was blessed to spend quality time with my best friend and her wonderful family at the Puyallup fair. Here are some snap shots from our day long adventure. 


A little over three months ago, my memories were sweet, special and ones I will never forget. Who knew I would end the year with such an interesting turn of events?! God has been a wonderful father and has provided me with wonderful memories. Until Later this week, I hope these pictures remind YOU of sweet memories and the beauty of Gods Wonders. 

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