Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Bible is not about me.

                Yes, you all heard me correctly; the bible is not about me. Guess what, it is not about you either. The bible is for us to ultimately show us truth and bring us back to the Gospel, back to Jesus. The bible, if you haven’t noticed is about Jesus. From beginning to end solely focused on the grace and truth that saves us. I have been convicted all, and I pray the Holy Spirit convicts you as need this morning.

                I have been convicted that the bible is a road map for my life (which it is) but that I am always the center of attention. As I read I think how does this relate to me? Is this for me? Wow, am I that great? Wow, am I that terrible? Gosh, I can’t live up to that very easily. The list goes on and on…… Am I wrong? I would like to think not. Whether you realize you do or not, you probably have at some point in your life.

Friends, the bible was not written for you to be the Hero.

                If I were to take joy in God and delight in the different barriers Christ sets up for my benefit. I would have reminded myself of this much, much sooner. My life may have been my way, but it definitely was not the way. I liked my way. I mean, who doesn’t right? It was easier and fun to think of myself. Being selfish is easy, similar to my last post. Being selfish is also fun. It is time to look at the bible not how it can be centere around my life but how my life can be centered around it.

Daily, I need to pray and ask for a heart that is seeking….
Seeking lost people.
Seeking only his character.
Seeking only his word for others.
Seeking his will for all of our humanity.

                I cannot seek all those things and more if I am always asking what the bible is saying about me and only me. Now, let’s not jump ahead too much. I am definitely not saying to never look to the bible to better you in pursuit of the Gospel. That is an essential part of sharing God to a lost and broken world. You can’t share something you don’t know. All I am saying is when you do, make sure you are praying and seeking with correct intent and boldly proclaim that God is for God, the bible is not about me, I am not the hero.

God is a really good God. Don’t think he doesn’t love you immensely or that he didn’t breathe that word for you to read, because he did. Just remember, the Bible isn’t about you. The pursuit of the Gospel for other to hear is much more important then your average day or your bad morning in Starbucks.

Love you all,


Tiffany Anne

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