Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quick Little Update....

Hello Fellow Friends.

Oh my goodness. I cannot believe it’s almost been 10 days since I have updated, that is real bad! Although, my life has been nothing short of busy and of course BLESSED.

Since the third so much as happened or at least it feels like it. I have fulfilled one of my 2012 goals both weeks into the New Year already!!
            -Work Out At Least 4 Days a Week!

Only by the grace of our lord have I done that, because if it was up to me I would sit on the couch, watch Dawson’s Creek, Paint my Nails, and read my Real Simple OVER and OVER again.

Also, I got bangs! Personally that’s a big deal! New Year, means New Hair!! So that’s been fun, when I have them I definitely feel super sassy, which lets be honest, is SUPER fun!

Speaking of fun my 19th Birthday is soon. That’s super weird too. I’m not ready for that one; although, I am ready for some really good Cheesecake.  

Then, to top off my busy week full of Jesus, the whole, school started back up thing happened. Which normally I wouldn’t mind, but in this time of my life im thinking, cant you just wait like 2 more weeks? Then again, all is good in Gods Timing.
Tuesday will be my catch up day! Ill let you know how my crazy weekend with 8 middle school sweeties went. Pray for my sleep. Since they are girls, we can expect a total of two hours. Hopefully.

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