Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Year 2011 In A BIG Nutshell....

Before we get to far into this, i would like to say that this year i have grown closer to Jesus and he has moved in such radical ways it blows me away all the time. This year so far has been the best year in my forever walk with Jesus. It is such an amazing, charming, great, beyond words relationship with Jesus i have and i am SO happy this year i pressed more into Gods heart because without it, who knows where i would be!

To start off the year of 2011 i was playing with my iPad from Christmas like a mad woman, getting married, playing games and sorts.

Then all the glorious January birthday celebrations. Great places such as Olive Garden. Great birthday suprises like flowers and things. Charming celebration time with me and Gods word for free birthday coffee. Of course the celebrations dont stop till the cheesecake is eaten. Last but not least the best part of all was the quality family time.

Then it was time for me to grow up and register for college classes. First. Time. Ever.

Spent many rainey January afternoons looking at the sight of Starbucks.

Had a cute little January Birthday party for my favorite cousin ever... (who should stop growing), which is always warming to the heart.

Sang Karaoke for the first time in public with the song RESPECT, praise jesus the best friend Kate was there to support me. (PS. Follow the link to her name to check out her blog!!)

Especially in Febuary, saw MANY pretty sunsets...

Made it out to the Ocean in the rather Crazy Febuary Month. Storms galore. Which is why we decided to kill time and let me beat Kate at some bowling.

Of course you cant just save your birthday money so finally early Febuary we took a little trip down to Coach Factory and bought a little thing for myself.....how could i not? Right?

You could say the whole purse thing was a birthday slash valentines present to myself. Since Valentines day did happen and it as GRAND.

Of course i ate lots and lots and LOTS of Sushi. It was amazing ALL year.

Someone whom i consider my own grandma ended up being in the hospital for a while in which case i needed my addiction to keep me from going insane. One of the few days i stayed home from being there, it SNOWED that right middle of FEBUARY SNOWED. It was beautiful. Many things happened during that time span at the hospital, one of them being the new logo for Starbucks. Yay for Starbucks, it just so happened to be the 40th Birthday in March! My how time flies....

Wasted more of my life in high school by lining up gummy bears and other fun things, praise jesus it's March is the only thing i kept repeating.

Someone super special and amazing was going to be getting married, so of course Bridal Shower was in order...that day will be remembered FOREVER.

Then coming into April, already...it was my lovely mothers Birthday. There fore we celbrated with the best of them and went to...Black Angus!

The month of April was a little pschyco, so pschyco i had to go to the dentist, DISGUSTING. Although, they do have decent coffee. ;)

Closing outh the months never seem to get boring so i got to spend the last part of April going to Spokane for the weekend, crying, laughing and dancing. SO fun!

Begining the months are never too boring either. Got to Start out May with a Starbucks Suprise and them treating me with a Sweet 15.

Then the cutest thing ever, that bridal shower that happened earlier, WELL she got MARRIED. So perfect, wonderful and lovely. While i was sp inspired i HAD to go look at flowers and dream of my future wedding, obviously.

If you can believe it not quite even the middle of may and it was offical i had to have my first iced coffee of the YEAR! Then because my life is ALWAYS cray, i had a Saturday FULL of errands and so towards the end of May decided to finish it off with FUN!

My favorite lady happened to go to Greece, no big deal and so she brought me home everything i love to death. She knows me almost too well.

Again, before the month ended had to finish rounding it off with some good time spent in Starbucks. Why are we EVEN suprised? Although i do and DID NOT only drink that, i also had a secret obsession....in which is still here today.

In June, only like 10 mdays before i graduated, CRAY. We went to go see a super awesome friend of mine, Bellingham, Sun and of COURSE Starbucks.

The craziness just kept coming when my little cousin (the one who had the birthday earlier) got a PUPPY!! Yes. He was so cute kind and sweet. Well since June, alot has changed....

Just before Graduation i had a really cool Scholarship dessert thing to go too, it was pretty great since i got free money and all. So we had to go celebrate at the Applebees.

Since i knew the whole Graduation day would be CRAY i would probably never get a picture for Twitter so i took many before hand. Which includes Senior Activity Day and Sky High.

Then that whole, I GRADUATED thing happened. which was pretty grand. Since i graduated, that meant SUMMER and the first day couldnt have gotten better.

Then i had to step into the real world, "work". It was pretty great, lots of Food, Perks, Papers and more Papers. This awesome little job lasted me till September. Receptionist jobs ALL the way.

Of course in between work and the crazy end of June i had to have some fun and see the movie of the month, Cars 2! Of course not alone, with my date, Kate. ;)

The begining of the month, full of food and fun, oh yeah thats right the fourth of july! So much fun, such a beautiful day!

Especially in the month of July me and my mom had alot of little Dommy (Mommy Daughter) Dates. We did alot of Walking, Errands, and Scrabble Starbucks related things.

This i was super excited about, in about Mid July i got ALL new luggage for Hawaii!! It was great i loved it i used it and wanted to keep it but soon enough about September had to take it back. So very sad.

To wrap up the crazy month of July we had an even CRAZIER family reunion. Lots of food, family and fun!

Oh my goodness. Hawaii. Hawaii happened. It actually for real happened. i CANNOT tell you how grand it was. Seriously highlight of my summer. SO many Great things to talk about, i wish i had a blog then!! Lets see, we got an awesome view, did lots of shopping, ate WAY too much all the time, saw the sights including Peral Harbor, saw many sunsets on the beach, rode a tour bus, spent a full day at the polynesian resort and rode in a Submirine. That was seriously the best trip of my life and i will NEVER forget it.

Even though its not as glamorous as Hawaii, i came back and did some Lake trips with Kate. Hard to believe the summer is almost over....since its the end of August and all.

This was also a HUGE highlight. Got to go to a mariners game. that seriously will NEVER get old.

This may not be a big deal to some people but trust me when thr Pumpkin Spice came out. The wolrd needed to know, seriously it is FALL in a CUP!!

The begining of the month is always the funnest. Thats why we went camping, obviously.

September 9th was my offical last day at "work" as a receptionist and i got AWESOME gifts.

Every year, no matter what we go to the fair, this year it was just at night. Almost better. Even though this has nothing to do with the fair, a few days after we decided to treat ourselfs so me and kate went to Nordies and ate some Bread Pudding. Pretty big highlight.

Then wanting to round the month of September off, we decided to take another trip to the Ocean. Again, Ocean Shores is the place to GO.

For a friends birthday we went to a Casting Crowns Concert, Yes Please!! I seriously dont think it could have gotten any better.on October 1st God was so there and it was magical, especially all the glitter, since i really like glitter.

Then since its october, theres lots of pumpkins. Well as i do every year i did Pumpkin Fest.

In the year 2011 was the offical first year i had ever, ever, EVER tried Fro Yo. Kate and i made it a date night and boy am i glad. Bella Peach is AMAZING.

Then you see, in about Early October i started a new job. Definitely different then a receptionist i was a NANNY!! It was wonderful, we played school, took car rides, naps and played! Those two boys may have drained all my energy but it was worth every second.

Going back a couple steps, talking about pumpkins. Well this year me and Kate started a tradtion of Carving them together, and we kept our tradtion of going to the pumpkin patch. Since October is ending, you could ask for much more.

Tried a new meal. Mini Meatloafs. Very wonderful. You can find the way to make it and such on my blog. Ingrediants and all.

Of course, i volunteered alot at church, i really did. One of my favorite times and possibly most bizzare was seeing a November pig backstage.

Then, if i must remind everyone it snowed. Again. This time in November of all times. Crazy right? Well it happened and i loved it.

We spent Thanksgiving with lots of family and i didnt only have one Thanksgivings, i had Two! I was definitely very very blessed this year.

This year, year 2011 i seriously got crafty, i mean look. I even finished one!! Accomplishment in December!!

Every year, no matter what even when the month of December is CRAY we go downtown. Well, it happened again and boy if only you were ALL there. Cookies, Coffee, Bookes, Chocolate, Carriges, Cute Boys, Shopping, Free Apples and more.

This year Technically for Christmas but oh well, i dont care when i definitely got a pair of HUNTERS! Yes please they look and feel AMAZING. Since i was getting new shoes, right before the end of the month, December 28th exactly, i got "new teeth" and it felt great with my new fancy pants smile, not more big teeth!

Of couse there were other things i did in 2011 that were great that i didnt get pictures of for what ever reason, like.....
-Got addicted to Pintrest.
-Got a really nice and pretty iPad case.

-Went to a rocking best ever Taylor Swift Concert.
-Helped and went mad trying to do the Conference for Calvary Community.
-Saw the Breaking Dawn Premier, AT midnight.
-Met Lincoln Brewster. No big.
-Got my first ever Northface.
-Dyed my hair, alot.
-Read so many good books its hard to tell you which was best.
-Had a wonderful time at VBS.
-Had a weird foot and ankle problem in which is still happening.
-Did the Giving tree. Yes please. Best Day!
-Ordered the Real Simple Magizne.
-Went Black Friday Shopping.
-Went to the Space Needle with a wonderful and AMAZING friend. (He's kind of the best).
-Started a blog.
-Had a brownie competition. It was Great.
and of course many many many more.
2011 really was a great year. its crazy realizing how much i did and how much i am blessed. Thank you to all or any of you whom made 2011 a year to remember. I definitely will and i wouldnt trade it for anything, ever. Thank you Jesus for Making 2011 the year of Growth, Change and pure Joy.

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